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The history of Liepaja coffee is almost a third of a century long. In the remote year of 1972 production of coffee started at the Liepaja Sugar Factory. The equipment was delivered by the world's leaders in the field of coffee technologies - the firms NIRO ATOMAIZER and PROBAT WERKE.

Liepaja coffee was valued particularly highly for its quality In the Soviet period. It is not by chance that Liepaja coffee was recognised as the best at all tastings! After the collapse of the Soviet Union, due to the loss of the enormous market in Russia, most analysts predicted quick death to the production of coffee in Liepaja. But, as the saying goes, the rumour of the death of the famous production turned out to be strongly exaggerated. To date the Liepaja Coffee Factory is an undisputable leader in the production of instant coffee in the Baltic countries.

The enterprise is the only producer in the Baltic region, where the instant and the ground coffee are really made from the very beginning to the end, and not simply prepackages what was brought from abroad. This, by the way, explains the low price of the Latvian coffee, its quality being the highest.

The factory is in full conformity with all the requirements of the European Union. In 2001 the enterprise undertook radical reconstruction of production. The new equipment allowed to produce ground and granulated coffee meeting the highest requirements of contemporary market. Impressive is the amount of investments into production - more than one million euro. Today the coffee factory can put out any sort of coffee, from the cheap beverages to high-quality granulated and ground Extra- class coffee.